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9 Best Tactical Military Watches For 2019

Tactical military watches are far more than a functional fashion accessory. The best have been battle tested, re-designed, and perfected to work at the highest standards in live situations for anyone in the military, police department, or any survivalist that needs a high performance watch that won’t break and is equipped with features that can help them escape or better navigate any situation. Whether a Average Joe or a G.I. Joe most survivalists will tell you that a good tactical military watch can make the difference between those who do and those who do not make it when in the face of unexpected catastrophe.

Of course, not all tactical military watches are created equal. Don’t be the guy who got duped by clever marketing and ended up with some overpriced useless clunker around his wrist. Check out our guide to the best tactical military watches instead. The ones that won’t save your life will at least step up your game in the EDC watch department. That my friend is called win/win.

What to Consider When Buying a Tactical Watch

Anyone looking for a tactical military watch basically wants the same thing from their tactical military watch: supreme functionality and resilience. A number of the best tactical military tactical watches incorporate prime materials and a wide range of built-in tools. When looking for a quality tactical watch, you should consider the following:

  • Does it come equipped with tools like a barometer, altimeter, compass, thermometer, alarm, or stopwatch?
  • Is it Bluetooth enabled?
  • Is it water resistant?
  • Does it have a heart rate and blood pressure monitor?
  • Is it scratch proof?
  • Is it shock resistant?
  • Do you want analog (which can last longer) or digital (which can be easier to use and provide more functionality).

Types of Tactical Watches

As you might expect, there are tons of variety to be found when comparing one tactical watch to the next. However, for the sake of simplicity, the tactical military watch category is frequently broken down into two types:

Heavy Duty Watches: These are the fathers of them all. These are the larger watches that many times come with every feature imaginable. I'm talking GPS, barometers, altimeters, and everything else you can think of. Some say it's over kill. You ask me? I think it's better to be prepared than sorry.

Tactical Field Watches: Minimalist by design, field watches are typically distinguished by their slim bodies and highly legible dials. Now days some models are just as or even more powerful than some of the bigger and bulkier watches so at the end of the day it comes down to what style you personally think looks the best.

The 9 Best Tactical Military Watches

Sure, you can use the checklist above to do some research on your own, or you can scope our list below and cut right to the chase. Here are the 9 Best Tactical Military Watches. May they serve you well when you need them the most.

The TRANSISTOR PLUS Tactical Military Smartwatch is designed to be used under the most brutal conditions for up to 33 months! This is thanks to the high capacity battery, 4th Gen gorilla glass technology & military grade steel - this is the only smart watch on the market capable to withstand all conditions. Learn more.

The capacitor is designed to aid with search and rescue missions but is ready to cover your well being on and off the field. With the capacitor it will be impossible for you to get lost with it's built in compass, and you will also have the ability to assess your overall health on the go with features such as a heart rate monitor, calorie counter, sleep monitor, and many more features that make this monster unstoppable. Oh, did I mention it's also waterproof? Learn more.

The ray is what happens you mix analog with digital. Being the first of it's type in the tactical military watch space the ray instantly sparked a buzz of people talking about the looks which inevitably led everyone to the same statement. It looks great, but how well does it perform? Built with a very long lasting battery and it's perfectly sealed non reflective military grade steel this watch is ready for anything, wet or dry. Simply put this watch is ready for war. You can feel how solid it is when you first put it on your wrist. Learn more.

The ingress is literally ready for any challenge. The watch is shock-resistant, water-resistant, and just down right tough. Accept no substitutes. This is one elite tact watch worth snatching up.

The cathode is designed to aid with search and rescue missions at sea. This watch is packed with any feature you could ever dream off that will take you from point A to Z. This watch has a built in compass, thermometer, altimemter, and even keeps track of your climbing and swimming. If you're looking for a tactical military watch that can make it through hell and back. This is the watch you're looking for. Learn more.

The transistor is a classic that you can use out in the field or at home. It's built it's legacy over time as one of the most used field watches. Designed to be used under the most brutal conditions for up to 33 months! This is thanks to the high capacity battery, 4th Gen gorilla glass technology & military grade steel. The Transistor is a tactical military watch you can't pass up on, especially for the price. Learn more.

The electron is the sleekest most powerful tactical military watches of all. This watch has a compass, thermometer, altimeter, calorie counter, and much much more. I'd go as far as saying that the electron is one of the most well rounded tactical military watches in existence. Learn more.

The Relay Military Watch is a masterpiece from LIGE. A powerful time machine with an industrial looking case and bezel and a sporty dial with three sub dials. This tasteful watch is paired with a punched leather strap that matches the gold tone of the case. Learn more.

The luminous hands glow upon the numbers of the military time dial on the repeater and make the time so easy to be read. Sealed and water resistant. The repeater is truely one of the most robust tactical military watches on the market today. Learn more.